Reiter’s “Lichtenberg Figures”

Have you ever thought how would it be if you could see the process of thought, the process of thinking?
How would it feel?
To be inside a brain. To see it in all its glorious action.

Experiencing the performance, looking and listening, of the “Lichtenberg Figures” it was as close to this experience. The (almost) symmetrical, yet just a little off, cascaded stage, aided with light, and light design that just in right moments came to “light up the brain when neurons are in certain kind of process of work”, the cooling down, the calm during the rain, the raging brain and thread of thoughts that follows just after a walk in the rain, and lasts till deep into the night… All coming together in a crashing ending. Ending that is not so. 

Yes, we all could have felt and experienced this illusion, of being inside of a brain in an overdrive. All offered in a performance that could just as well be a commentary on the dangers of our often hectic rushed lives, no rest, and constant rush to do more and go further. Until we are stopped, by our own self, by our own thought. 

Eva Reiter’s “Lichtenberg Figures” is a performance/production of/with ICTUS Ensemble, all details on:

Featured Photo: (c) ICUTS

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