Left Breathless In the Heights of the Air

Have you ever stood in the middle of the air? Starting from the ground, and being elevated. Higher and higher. Feeling as if the air is getting thinner. And while rushes of grasps for air are occupying your thought and body, you realise that yo are not flying after all. But rather being elevated by a mountain peak growing under you. Lifting you higher and higher. Making the ground disappear, but all the while keeping you grounded. Until the moment you get your bearings and adjust your breathing and the density of the air, even in this elevated and thinned layer of existence  becomes normal. And you simply continue to breath… Continue to be.

Yes, we have all been there. All of us who have had a chance to listen to the piece of Andrew Daniel “in the heights of the air” in the Cello Piano Composition Workshop with Lucas FelsBrian Ferneyhough and Nicolas Hodges during the IMD Ferienekurse 2016.

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