The Force of Fure

Have you ever been inside of a glacier? How about being a Turritopsis dohrnii frozen within an iceberg of a glacier. An iceberg that is further going to melt. That is melting. And when absolutely melted, you, this practically immortal jellyfish, are ready to restart the new cycle of your life… with taking a breath. 

Well, yes. All of us who have been at the fantastic performance of “The Force of Things” by Ashely Fure had a chance to experience this, to become “this”. And through it – haven’t we also been reminded on the melting glaciers, taking this even in the unconscious sense. Which at some moment becomes conscious, and our awareness of the dangers of global warming grows stronger? An artwork that has no aim of provoking something like that. And yet it does.

Fure’s “The Force of Things”… A true artwork, a true playground for senses. For sensing. 

Featured photo (c) IMD 2016/Daniel Pufe

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