Migration into eternity

As the Darmstädter ferienkurse für neue musik 2018 continues to unwrap its treats, quite a special ear-candy was on the menu on this fourth to last day!

Among the pieces on the program on this Wednesday 25th, Centro de Experimentación y Producción de Música Contemporánea played a piece “Migracion” by Marisol Jimenez. And her sensibility and sound world were just… incredible!

Placed in a double-glassed box you are thrown into the deep sea.
As shimmering shades of blue and occasional beams of moonlight breaking through are cradling you into this descent, you just surrender to the beauty of dark becoming darkness… and suddenly,
you realise that surrendering to that beauty of sparkling obscurity, you forgot that soon there will be nothing,
no sound no oxygen no..
The first rupture.
A vacuum.
And your body realises that the pressure is deadly.
The outer glass is breaking.
The eyes follow this hairline descend spreads, expecting the burst that will not come, until stillness and devastatingly beautiful hollowness has taken away all the air…
as the last breath has left,
the body becomes still.
But the soul continues to move, leaving the double glass box, it transcends the being to its new shape. It is in the deep dark sea. It has become one with it. And while it is dispersing through this reversed ether of depth of the unexplored wonder, it is watching the still body. Whose eyes have been frozen in a smile, saying goodbye and farewell to its soul sending it off…
to a new journey.

Marisol Jimenez and Ensemble CEPROMUSIC, thanks for this wild journey!

This event took place in during Darmstädter ferienkurse für neue musik 2018 on Wednesday, July 25th 2018 at Lichtenbergschule (Große Sporthalle).

Featured image: (c) CEPROMUSIC/IMD2018

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