Sounding Aurora

Six planks of wood. Six percussionist. And a trippiest of journeys.

The pulse begins sharply, but soft.
Steady, intricate intertwining of different pulsations are starting to build a twofold entity of sound’s invasion.
The beating of the timber. Whose inner voice starts to seep into the air.

The pulsating beats remind on heart beats, and make you feel like you are a cell surfing the circulatory system.
The accumulated layer of “inner voice”, the overtones, take you on a walk along the nervous system, “seeing” neurones light up as if you are one of them.

And all that shrouded in aurora-borealisian sound equivalent – the amazing effect of overtones that come out and intertwine out of wood – this performance by extremely focused, concentrated with each gesture perfectly measured ICTUS’ six percussions of Michael Gordon’s Timber is surely one worth experiencing!

▪︎ Michael Gordon’s “Timber” was the last piece of the performance “Weird Instruments All Over the Space” that took place in Kaaitheater (Brussels, Belgium) on March 3rd 2015. ▪︎

Featured photo: (c) ICUTS

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