Art of Performance: Liquid Room #6

Boy oh boy oh boy! If in Berlin, or anywhere near and around, don’t miss the chance to experience ICTUS ensemble‘ Liquid Room VI!

Pointing out possible variations for perception of temporality, this 4 hour multiple stage spectacle is just perfect for those who see, listen and feel music as possibility to combine experiencing pleasure+thought…

And with the spotlight turned to the musical body at work, it is especially (ESPECIALLY!) a great opportunity to experience Tom de Cock becoming the deity that creates all creatures in “Mani.Mono” by Pierluigi Billone. Right in the moment when it is time to create a jellyfish… and listening to this creation taking place, masterfully crafting this extraordinary creature to perfection and to be in harmony with all others created through time, contained in the body of the creator- the performer.

And then of course, OF COURSE, there is the magnificent Adam Rosenblatt in François Sarahan’s “Homework II”, who will without a doubt give you a homework of your own – to go in discovering what can a body sound like. By making and giving a full sonar and visual experience using nothing but speech, body and gesture choreography. And many many more things in the 4 hours to enjoy!

To see the full program, visit:

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