A moving book. A book that moves.

PLAY/READ is an installation. But really… it is so much more. A spectacular experience.

It is a moving book.
As if you are reading the book,  but there are no words.
So you are watching the book.
And it is all spoken.
So you are hearing the book.
But also it is a loop and you are not sure what is the beginning and what the end of the story.
And whether when you turn the page the story continues, or it is a different one.
And at one point you are so drawn in, that you don’t anymore “see” or “hear” the projections, but rather…
it seems that they are happening in your head. All the “visual” and “audio”, it is your imagination.
And you are in fact reading the words.
you are not.

And with the stories Yoan Robin chooses to tell… All of the meanings become even more heightened, and the stories nest them selfs deeply into your thought.

PLAY/READ is a video installation work in progress by Yoan Robin.

Yoan Robin – “PLAT/READ” in les ateliers claus for SMOG

More on this event here.

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